Murder in Abstract

Murder in Abstract

Coming March 29


A Charley Hall Mystery, Book 5

Charley Hall is hot on the trail of a band of violent art thieves. She swears she’s only interested in writing about the stolen paintings and Lester Pyne can keep the story about the murdered cop. But you can guess how that’s likely to go…

Covering a private exhibition of abstract paintings brings Reporter Charley Hall back to the home of Senator Overstreet and his new, young wife, Clarice—the artist. At one time, Charley had been as close to the Overstreets as her own family, but that was before Poppy, the senator’s daughter and her best friend, deliberately stole Dan Cannon’s heart away from her in high school.

The morning after the vernissage, not one but two bands of thieves arrive, at the same time, to steal Clarice’s paintings. One of the robbers, disguised as a cop, is killed and the collection is spirited away by the second group. Concerned that the police will focus on the murder, the senator hires Private Detective Mark Spadina to recover his wife’s artwork and for once, Mark seems inclined to include Charley in his investigation. But she’s not so sure that’s a good thing as she now has to watch him get up close and personal with Poppy.

Much like the abstract paintings they’re trying to find, nothing about this case makes sense. Why would anyone want to steal, let alone kill for, paintings by an unknown artist? Why is Clarice being so uncooperative? And what is that tension Charley senses between Senator Overstreet and his new wife?

The deeper Charley digs for answers the more personal this case becomes, forcing her to confront the demons of her past and contemplate her plans for the future.  

Murder in Abstract is the fifth book in the atmospheric Charley Hall historical cozy mystery series. If you like strong female protagonists, period pieces, and small-town misdeeds, then you’ll love Brenda Gayle’s compelling whodunit series.

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