Charley's Field Notes #5

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I hope you enjoy this issue of Charley’s Field Notes.

The Overstreet Home

This beautiful home provided the inspiration for Senator Overstreet’s home. 

A Federal Heritage Building, St. Helen’s  is a mid-19th-century villa located on landscaped grounds within the St. Helen’s Complex, in Kingston, Ontario. Strongly associated with the early 19th-century upper class movement from urban to suburban living typical of the Regency Age (1790-1840), it was one of the first permanent homes to be built on the western outskirts of Kingston, which was indicative of the burgeoning local economy and development of transportation networks. More on the St. Helen’s Complex can be found on the Parks Canada website

I located Senator Overstreet’s home in almost the exact location of St. Helen’s, along the shore of Lake Ontario.

Stone Gables, the house that inspired Colin Bank’s mansion, is also part of the St. Helen’s Complex. 


Dan’s New Home

Another beautiful Kingston home served as the inspiration for Dan & Meredith’s new home. 

The actual property, at 12 Wellington Street, was designed and built in 1874-75 by the well-known 19th century architect John Power.

Kinston’s Police Station & Lockup at City Hall

This is a photograph I took of how the Police Station and lockup would have been arranged at the time of the Charley Hall mysteries. Kingston City Hall offers some great tours, including an exhibit about the history of the police lock-up.

Click here for an enlarged version of this map to follow along with Charley as she goes from the Sergeant’s Office to the room used for transients, where she helped Marillo and Mark conduct their interrogation.

Thanks again for reading Murder in Abstract.

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