Twice & Forever

Three original stories about hope, healing, and the power of love.

Twice and Forever by Brenda Gayle
Jill Bennett had her life planned out, and then everything changed. Soon after her husband’s death from a heart attack two years ago, Jill’s daughter Rachel was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the very young age of 21. Widowed and scared, Jill threw herself into caring for her daughter 24/7. Now that Rachel is in remission, Jill is finding it hard to let go and give her some breathing room at home and at her new job working for a local vet named Grant Palmer. Grant has a knack for getting under Jill’s skin, especially where Rachel’s future is concerned. The last thing Jill has in mind is getting on with her own life. So why can’t she stop thinking about the handsome Dr. Palmer?

Devoted to Her Cowboy by C. J. Carmichael
A 26-year-old rodeo champ tries to take the reins of his beloved, but very stubborn grandmother’s treatment plan, when he returns home to find out she has ovarian cancer. Meanwhile he can’t stop thinking about the beautiful young woman who works with Grams at her flower shop.

Her Angel by Kayla Perrin
A 31-year old woman must deal with the burden of guilt, sadness, and loss over the passing of her mom from ovarian cancer. Sorting through her mother’s belongings, she makes a discovery that shocks her to her core, and has her re-thinking her budding relationship with the handsome contractor who was working on her mom’s house.

Proceeds from sales of this anthology will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Canada


ISBN: 978-1-927555-83-5


ISBN: 978-1-927555-82-8

Excerpt from Twice & Forever

“Rachel was diagnosed almost immediately after Calvin died. She’s been my sole focus ever since. How can I have feelings for Grant if I’ve never even had the opportunity to mourn my husband?”

“That’s a very good question.” Mae had seemed to thoroughly enjoy hearing all the details about Grant, but now turned serious. “I know you hold yourself responsible for Calvin’s death, but if you look deep in your heart, you know there was nothin’ you could have done for him that night.”

“I could have been there.”

“True enough, but there’s no guarantee that things would have turned out any differently if you had been. CPR is all well and good, but when death comes knockin’ we can’t lock the door. You can’t save everyone, but you were there for Rachel when she needed you.” She reached across the table and grasped Jill’s hands. “People mourn in different ways, sweetie. Perhaps takin’ care of Rachel was your way of mournin’ for Calvin.”

Jill closed her eyes. At one time, the thought of her husband’s death had brought a pain that was searing and raw. Their life, their dreams, their future was gone. They had put off too much, always waiting for a time that never came. But you only have the present, she knew that now. There was so much in the past that she regretted not doing, but that gut-wrenching hurt was gone. Now, she felt sadness for a life that was cut too short, and grief for all that Calvin would miss. When had that happened?

“There comes a time, when you have to stop grieving and start livin’ again.” Mae took a napkin and wiped away Jill’s tears. “Maybe now is that time.”

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