A Shot of Murder

A Charley Hall Mystery, Book 1

In 1948, Charley Hall resents giving up her job as city reporter for the Kingston Tribune to a returning soldier. But her demotion to the women’s pages is the least of her worries since Gran is organizing a surprise birthday party for Charley’s older brother, Freddie. Trouble is, Freddie hasn’t come back from his latest bender. When Charley goes looking for him, she discovers the dead body of a woman, last seen with her brother. Beside the murdered woman is a torn newspaper article about local politician Dan Cannon, who also happens to be Charley’s best friend. To make matters worse, a police detective from Toronto shows up and begins nosing around. Charley is not about to stand by and let her brother nor her friend take a fall for a murder based on circumstantial evidence. Not by a long shot.


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What the Reviewers are saying

I could not put this book down! No word of exaggeration…. Gayle has crafted a mystery that kept me guessing right to the very end while also writing accurate historical fiction that made my little historian heart sing. – Westveil Publishing

It’s a solid first book in a new series, and I’d recommend to cozy mystery readers, especially those who like a little historical twist. – Novels Alive 

The writing style was…the slow drip of honey off a spoon into a cup of expensive, rich tea. –Unabridged Andra

This book was an intriguing, exciting, suspenseful, mystery read that fully captured my attention and kept me engaged throughout the story!!! – Fabulous and Brunette 

A Shot of Murder is a brilliantly written story leaving one clue after another sending Charley in all different directions in her search for her brother. It kept me guessing right along with Charley from beginning to end. – The Avid Reader 

A Shot of Murder is a delightful read. Ms. Gayle brings the unconventional heroine to vivid life, with dialogue that crackles and a strong sense of the comic. – Beyond Romance 

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