Book Three

The Forsaken Heart

Born in friendship, forged by passion, tested in danger, but can their love survive a heart forsaken?

When Anna Graham marries Callum Hart, she’ll get both the man she loves and her uncles’ agreement to take over the family ranch. Will the return of Jackson, her long-lost first love—and Cal’s brother—throw it all in jeopardy?

Cal has been in love with Anna for as long as he can remember. It was he who picked up the pieces of her broken heart when Jackson disappeared ten years ago. Is it coincidence that just when Anna is ready to love again, his brother mysteriously shows up?

Almost overnight, Anna’s dreams are turning into a nightmare. An arsonist is on the loose, cattle are dying, and Jackson is back. Will Anna and Cal be able to face the secrets of the past as they risk it all for the future?

Get The Forsaken Heart to find out which brother holds the key to unlocking Anna’s heart.

The Reviews Are In!

“…a good read with well crafted characters and strong writing.”  — The Muse Unleashed

“This is probably my favourite installment in the series. Truly entertaining!” — b00kr3vi3ws

An Excerpt from The Forsaken Heart

Anna leapt to her feet just as Callum arrived at the table. As she ran her hands down her hips to straighten her blouse, she noted his dusty cowboy boots, jeans, chambray shirt, and favorite canvas jacket—odd that he would show up in his riding attire. She angled her head to receive his kiss on her cheek.

“Sorry I’m late. Miscommunication,” he muttered.

She glanced at his face, expecting him to be angry. And he was. His jaw was clenched and she could see the tiny vein pulsing at his temple. His eyes were dark and menacing, but they weren’t looking at her. His rage was focused on Jackson, who seemed to find the whole situation humorous.

“No worries, brother. I was just keeping Anna entertained while she waited for you,” Jackson said, leaning back in his chair to look up at Callum. He raised his glass in a mock toast and took a sip of champagne.

“Callum…”Anna placed a hand on his chest. Even she didn’t know what was going on between her and Jackson, so how could she explain it to her fiancé.

The ringing of her cell phone offered a reprieve and she gave a silent prayer of thanks. She turned away from the two glowering men to take the call.

Cold dread washed down her body as her mother spoke, and she collapsed into her chair. This couldn’t be happening. Finally, her mother finished. “Okay. I’ll be right there,” she murmured numbly.

She grasped for her purse and stumbled as she tried to stand. Callum caught her and kept his arm around her shoulders to steady her. “What’s wrong?”

“A fire.” Even as she said the words she couldn’t believe it. A fire in her lab at the ranch. “I’ve got to get home.”

“I’ll take you.” Callum took her purse from her.

“My car’s faster.” Jackson was on his feet.

“I think you need to pay your bill.” Callum nodded his head in the direction of Sophia, who was scurrying towards their table. He turned and almost carried Anna out of the restaurant.