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Book Two

Rigged for Murder

If she can’t clear her friend’s name, he’ll go down for murder. But it’s her own past that threatens to drown them all.

1948: Kingston, Canada—When reporter Charley Hall’s childhood friend, Dan Cannon, is found standing over the badly beaten body of his old rowing team nemesis, she hires former Toronto police detective-turned-PI Mark Spadina to help her prove his innocence. Mark accepts the job but isn’t convinced the cops haven’t already got the right man.

Diving into uncharted waters, Charley learns the dead man was her father’s best friend and rowing partner. Then the boat her parents had been sailing the day they drowned twenty-five years before mysteriously reappears, swamping Charley in a tidal wave of questions about their past and her own future.

Were her parents’ deaths really an accident? And what is the connection to Dan?

Rigged for Murder is the second book in the atmospheric Charley Hall historical mystery series. If you like historical backdrops, female underdog protagonists, and unpredictable twists, then you’ll love Brenda Gayle’s breaking story.

Will Charley sink or swim? Find out today in Rigged for Murder!