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My favorite part about buying or renting DVD movies is watching the second disc where all the extras are stored: deleted scenes, gag reels, cast interviews, “the making of…” —everything but the movie. That’s what this section is all about. Okay, there probably won’t be a gag reel, but you never know…


 Deleted Scenes

There are scenes that authors write that they truly love and want to share with readers. Every once in a while, however, one of these scenes ends up on the cutting-room floor. No matter how many plot convolutions or character contortions I make to try to keep it in, it simply doesn’t fit. But it doesn’t have to be relegated to the computer’s recycle bin. I hope you enjoy them.

› The Bachelor Auction” from The Hungry Heart: Up until the very last draft, this was the opening scene for the book.


Guest Blog posts


› February 10: I looked at Valentine’s Day by the Numbers at A Tasty Read.

› February 10: I dropped by the Romance Junkies blog to share the best writing advice I’ve ever received and my new obsession.

› February 2: I celebrated the release of my Valentine’s novella, ME+YOU with Christine Warner.2015


› October 7: To celebrate the relaunch of The Hungry Heart, by Amazon, I visited Rebecca Grace at My Writing Corner.


› December 18: My fellow Twelve Brides authors spotlighted Six Geese for Monica as we counted down the Twelve Brides of Christmas.

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› December 12: We kicked off our Countdown to Christmas with the Twelve Brides with a party at Author Roast & Toast.

› December 9: There’s mistletoe madness afoot as I stopped by AusRomToday to celebrate an Aussie Christmas Extravaganza.

› November 20: Luke Donovan, hero from Six Geese for Monica, will joined me over at the Wild, Wild Women blog.

› November 19: Okay, this one’s a bit embarrassing, but if you want to know what my desk looks like, I’m fessing up at AusRom Today.

› November 17: I stopped by the Australian Romance Readers blog to celebrate the release of Six Geese and how Christmas is a time for miracles.

› October 13: Talking writing and books over at b00kr3vi3ws

› September 15: Books and dessert with fellow Romance Author Anne Lange

› September 13: Celebrating the release of The Forsaken Heart with Australian Romance Readers

› September 13: Release day spotlight Sara Walter Ellwood’s blog


› October 27: Blogging about what makes a truly satisfying ending with the Australian Romance Readers’ Association.

› March 18: Does my background in psychology influence my writing? The Muse Unleashed

› March 11: Q&A at Romancing the Book

› March 4: Talking about romance and suspense at Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess

› February 25: Crazy Four Books — well who isn’t?

› February 25: I was interviewed by Lisa Haselton › February 18: Hopped on over to Bunny’s Review

February 18: Visited fellow romance author Christine Young

› February 11: Black Velvet Seductions Readers’ Blog played host

› February 4: Q&A at Andi’s Book Review

› February 4: Celebrated the Dearly Beloved series and the release of Father of the Bride? with the Wild Wild Women.

› January 28: Talking about the trials and tribulations of writing a series over at You Gotta Read Reviews

› January 27: I stopped by fellow TWRP author Rachel Brimble’s blog


› December 8: I visited the Mary Metcalfe at Lakefront Muse to talk about books and writing.

› October 22: What’s wrong with romance? Find out at RomCon.

› October 20: I stopped by the Cabin Goddess to swap recipes and talk books.

› October 8: I visited with the incomparable Delaney Diamond for a chat.

› September 8: Free Book Friday asked me to provide some insight into my writing process, how The Hungry Heart came about, who inspired the characters, and what’s next.


› April 21: I visited The Word Place to talk about why I like to write about older heroines. This was part of a bigger blog event for authors and editors from The Wild Rose Press’ Last Rose of Summer line.


› November 9: I did a feature interview with The Long and the Short of It Reviews and followed it up the next day with an author chat on its Yahoo loop.

› June 2: Talking about  THE CALL (or in my case, the e-mail) with Anne Marie Novark

› May 18: I stopped by Naughty Editions

› March 8: I’m blogged on voodoo at Smexy Books

› February 16: Guest blog about Setting as Character at The Romance Dish

› January 29: I’m talked about how to improve your writing productivity at my friend LeeAnn Burke’s blog

› January 25: Emmai Lai interviewed me on writing and romance at Emma Lai Writes

› January 18: I visited with Hannah Howell to talk about Haiti, its relation to SOLDIER FOR LOVE and why I’m donating 25% of royalties to the relief and reconstruction efforts


› September 1: Breaking the Rules at the Romance Junkies

› March 11: A feature interview at Sarita Leone’s From the Pages