Heart’s Desire Series

Other Contemporary Romances Anthologies

The Hungry Heart
A burned out association executive
spices things up with Santa Fe’s
playboy celebrity chef
September 2012
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Me + You
Solving the equation for love.
January 2016
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Love & Hope
Three original stories about hope, healing, and the power of love.
Proceeds from sales of this anthology will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Canada.
August 2016
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The Doubting Heart
A woman determined to prove her
friend was murdered questions her
sanity when his look-alike appears.

January 2013
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Six Geese For Monica
Can six little geese create a Christmas miracle?
November 2014
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Brides of Christmas, Volume 2
Because the spirit of Christmas can last all year.
(Contains Six Geese for Monica, originally released November 2014.)
November 2015
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The Forsaken Heart
Born in friendship, forged by passion, tested in danger, but can their love survive a heart forsaken?
September 2014
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Father of the Bride?
She never thought she'd see her ex again, but at their son's wedding he's father of the bride.
January 2013
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Soldier for Love
She’s his commanding officer.
So why does he seem to be in charge?
December 2008
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