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Come in from the cold…

Now that the Christmas decorations have been put away for another year, and we’ve managed to completely trash our New Year’s resolutions (or maybe that’s just me), it’s time to start thinking about a way to survive the long, cold winter. And what better way, than with a sexy, fun, short story set in Sedona, Arizona, one of my all-time favourite places with one of my all-time favourite heroines.

Mr. Tall, Dark & Yummy needs a tutor for his daughter.

“A wonderful little book that satisfies in one sitting… The writing is fantastic and draws you in .. by the end it feels as though you have experienced a full length novel.” Ali the Dragon Slayer

“With vibrant characters, a very, very strong plot and some steamy, raunchy sex thrown in for good measure this ticks a lot of boxes and I feel should have a lot of readers really enthralled. I was delighted by each progression and eagerly turning the pages myself.” Long and Short Reviews

“…fast paced, easy to read, with plenty of emotion and a nice neat twist in the conclusion” Love Romances & MORE

“This is a sweet and heartwarming short story that is a PERFECT read for Valentine’s Day!” Pretty Little Book Reviews

Part of the Candy Hearts romance series.

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